A: Education mentoring and counseling

KCM education committee wants our children and adults to realize their full potential; we believe good counseling and mentoring and up to date information on education matters can be of great importance to our members. We are fortunate to have members who can help in this regard such as Professors and Doctors. Our mission is to utilize the free services that our dear members are willing to accord.

B: Scholarships and Sponsorships

The education committee is looking forward to pursuing avenues and means in which we can secure scholarships and sponsorships from willing organizations and individuals to help our members in realizing their education potentials. KCM advocates for its members to champion and gather information about any organization or individuals who are willing to sponsor or provide scholarships to our course in the USA and in Kenya.

C: Graduations

Our passion is to celebrate with our fellow community members once they accomplish specific milestones. Once a year we will be holding graduation galas to our dear members. Commencements will range from pre-scholars, kindergarteners, high school and college graduates.

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